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首頁學術活動 2019年生物科學論壇第五十九期——Sofia Valenzuela教授
2019年生物科學論壇第五十九期——Sofia Valenzuela教授
來源:    作者:    發表時間:2019-11-15     瀏覽次數:

報告題目Forest Genomics in Chile

報 告 人Sofia Valenzuela(智利康塞普西翁大學)





Sofia Valenzuela, Professor at the Forest Faculty at the Universidad de Concepción. Biochemist from the Universidad de Chile and Dr rer Nat from the TU University at Braunschweig, Germany. Her main research has been in forest genomics, where she leads the lab in this area at the Biotechnology Center at the Universidad de Concepción, Chile. She has had more than 10 R&D grants, 50 scientific publications, and has advised 7 PhDs, 6 MSc and more than 50 undergraduate students. Due to her interest in science communication, she gives talks, especially realted with GMOS and biosafety to the community in Chile. She has been granted an award as Outstanding women in science by the local government and as well by the National Science Agency in Chile.

She was responsible of organizing an undergraduate program in Plant Biotechnology at the Universidad de Concepcion, which started in 2006, as well she also was part of a committee to create a Biotechnology Center at the University.




報告聯系人:蔣湘寧 教授